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Galleon Weathervane
Goose in  Flight weathervane
Ballet Slipper Sculpture

Custom Commissions a great weathervane isn't just about an image on an arrow. A great weathervane captures a mood, enhances the building on which it sits, is both elegant and subtle, yet surprises and delights us all. Prices start from £2400.

Golden Hawk Weathervane
Rabbit & Moon Weathervane
Scroll Banner Weathervane
With a 2,000 year old history, a copper weathervane is an architectural feature that generations will enjoy. Outdoors these weathervanes will gently patinate to a verde-gris known as the "the Green of Greece", while gold leaf can remain brilliant for 30 years.
Two Burmese cats
Zephyr, God of the Winds Weathervane

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Owl and Owlets Weathervane

Hawk and Arrow Weathervane
Jeremiah Horrocks Weathervane of  the transit of Venus


Designs featured on this page:

Galleon Weathervane, Goose in Flight, Ballet Slippers, Gilt Montagu's Harrier Hawk,
Rabbit & Moon, Scroll Banner Weathervane, Pair of Cats Weathervane , and Zephyr Weathervane

Also featured, four NEW designs:

Three Crows Weathervane,Owl with Owlets Weathervane, Hawk & Arrow Weathervane, and Golden Sun weathervane.


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