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This Diana the huntress and hound weathervane is a study of Paul Manship's 1925 sculpture "Diana", commissioned by an architect for his home.. It was inspired by the story of Augustus Saint-Gaudens 18 ft. tall weathervane which topped Madison Square Gardens.
height (not including bow)~ 29" (740mm)
height with cardinal letters~ 38" (970mm)
length~ 29" (740mm)

This weathervane was featured in an article in Craft & Design, July/August 2009.

point of interest:
In 1891 American sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens designed an 18 ft. tall weathervane of the goddess Diana to top Stanford White's original Madison Square Garden. This collosal gilt weathervane was fabricated in Ohio, by W.H. Mullins Manufacturing Company, from sheet copper. At the time the weathervane, known as "Diana of the tower", was the highest point in Manhattan, her head rising 347 feet above the street. However in 1892 this controversially nude figure, considered proportionately too large for the building (by both the architect and the sculptor), was replaced by a smaller version, measuring 13 ft. tall.

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